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Peshmerga martyrs photo exhibit at the 6th Infantry Brigade HQ


Media Center, Ministry of Peshmerga

As an act of showing respect and pride to the always alive martyrs of Kurdish, MOPE’s 6th Infantry Brigade, hosted a photo exhibit of 21 martyrs from the brigade who sacrificed their lives in the fight against ISIS. Attending the exhibit included Brigadier-General Sabah Pirot (Brigade Commander), Brigadier-General Barzan Ahmad (Deputy Commander) as well as number of Peshmerga officers and soldiers.

This exhibit is a small act to show loyalty for the brave souls who sacrificed themselves for the sake of the land and people as well as a reminder to their families and loved ones on the purpose and collective goal they were all fighting for — martyrs for the path of Kurdistan’s freedom who will always hold the key to our hearts and will never be forgotten.