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Ministry of Peshmerga, Board of Reform and Coalition Forces conduct a meeting


Media Center, Ministry of Peshmerga

In preparation for the upcoming meeting between the MOPE High Commission with the Board of Reform and Coalition partners, on September 5, 2019, a meeting was conducted between the Ministry of Peshmerga, Board of Reform and Coalition representatives. The meeting was attended by Sarbast Lazgin (Deputy Minister of Peshmerga), Jabbar Yawar (MOPE Sec-General), Lieutenant-General Jamal Mohammad (Peshmerga Chief-of-Staff), MOPE high officers and Coalition representatives.

During the meeting, in addition to discussing the progress of some reform projects, the parties prepared for their upcoming meeting with MOPE’s High Commission. The Coalition representatives shared, “Currently, the KRG has put for a new cabinet who are hopeful of the reform process and the unification of the Peshmerga Forces.”

At the end of the meeting, both sides agreed to prepare for their next meeting and continue to work together in order to pave the way for a successful implementation of the reform process.