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Minister of Peshmerga: “Unification efforts are headed in the right direction.”


Media Center, Ministry of Peshmerga

KRG Minister of Peshmerga says, “Preliminary steps towards unifying the Peshmerga Forces are headed in the right direction, in a way that the goals and purpose of the Peshmerga will be met.”

On September 5, 2019, Shorsh Ismael (KRG Minister of Peshmerga) met with consultants from the Coalition’s Joint Military Cooperation Team, consiting of Colonel Calito and Lieutenant-Colonel Stephen. During the meeting, the Minister of Peshmerga shared the progress made regarding the unification of the Peshmerga brigades and units, and hoped that the Coalition continue their vital support and consultancy for the process.

Consequently, the Coalition team shared their views on the process in light of the recent events and potential obstacles. The Minister of Peshmerga stated that the mission behind the process is to improve the conditions and state of the Peshmerga and that it can only be achieved through reform.