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Peshmerga Health

The Commission of Peshmerga Medical Affairs held its first meeting

Media Center, Ministry of Peshmerga In order to further serve the Peshmerga in matters pertaining to health and the treatment of ill and injured Peshmerga individuals, a joint commission between the Ministry of Peshmerga and three other civic ministries within the KRG was established with the aid of the Coalition Forces. Today, the commission held its first meeting. In the morning of Sunday, December 2nd, 2018, the Commission of Peshmerga Medical Affairs held its first official

Directorate of Medical Affairs, Ministry of Peshmerga

Media of Peshmerga Ministry The Directorate of Medical Affairs is a sub-department within the Peshermga Ministry’s Directorate of Logistics and Staffing. They are responsible for overseeing all medical related tasks that the Peshmerga need both during and outside battle. The directorate has already treated a large number of injuries internally and a few extreme cases have even been sent abroad for treatment. At the moment, a special military hospital is under construction by a team of Germans that are part of the

Steps Towards Constructing a Hospital for the Peshmerga

Media of Peshmerga Ministry After the decision of the German Defense Ministry to aid the Peshmerga forces within the realm of health and medical purposes, they have agreed to bring about the request of the Peshmerga Ministry and build a modern military hospital that aims to provide quick and efficient medical response to emergency and non-emergency injury treatments. The hospital’s construction and infrastructure has been mostly completed and is currently being worked on continuously in order to have the hospital

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